You may have a lot of questions, some worries, and hopefully a feeling of excitement about starting 6th grade at Holman Middle School. Check out the information and links here to find the answers to your questions and calm your worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A collection of frequently asked questions that were asked by actual 5th graders. Click on a category below to view its questions.

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What time is lunch?
Schedules can vary from year to year, but at this time 6th graders eat lunch around 11:00 A.M.

How long is lunch?
25 minutes

What kind of lunch choices do we get?
The Holman cafeteria has a large variety of choices daily. Each day for your main dish you can choose between the main entree (which is similar to the lunch choices you have in elementary school) or you can choose from the Mexican bar (items such as nachos, quesadilla, tacos), pizza (two different topping choices each day), chef salads, hot sub sandwich or PBJ, hot chicken sandwich (regular or spicy), cheeseburger, or cheese-stuffed bread sticks. In addition to your main dish, you have salad bar & vegetables each day to choose from as well as fruit options and of course a drink (white, chocolate or strawberry milk).

Besides all of that which is included in your lunch price, you can get "extras" (for extra money) such as chips, cookies, and a variety of other drink options (bottled water, carbonated fruit drinks, and Capri Suns). These choices may vary next year, but give you a good idea of the type of variety we offer in the Holman cafeteria!

How much does lunch cost?
The price of a lunch for the 2014-2015 school year is $2.35; this could vary slightly next year. Currently some of the "extra" prices are: chips 75 cents; cookies 75 cents; water $1.00; carbonated fruit drink $1.50 cents; Capri Sun $1.00.

How and when do I pay for lunch?
At Holman, you will have an ID badge, and besides identifying who you are, this badge also serves as your form of payment in the Holman cafeteria. Your parent/guardian can send money to school that you will turn in to your lunch account or they can deposit money into your account online. Then at lunch you will "swipe" your card for payment--kind of like paying with a debit card.

Do we have assigned seats in the cafeteria?
Yes, but you get to pick them. Each grading period (every 6 weeks) you will get to select your seat for lunchtime in the cafeteria. Then you will stay in the place for six weeks. When a new grading period begins six weeks later, you will have the option to choose a different seat.

Is it hard to get from one class to another in Middle School? Will I get lost? Is there time to go to the bathroom or my locker?
You have enough time between classes to get where you need to be as long as you aren't wasting too much time visiting with friends. :-) At the start of the year while you are still learning, your teachers will be very patient in helping you get to class and understanding of you being a little bit late at first. And while you might get lost or turned around a bit at first, within a week or two you'll be an expert at finding your way around Holman! There is time to use the bathroom and/or go to your locker between some of your classes. You will figure out as you become familiar with your schedule and the building that during some passing periods you may not have extra time and need to go straight to class (when your classes are farther apart), but between other classes you will have plenty of time to take care of your needs (when your classes are closer together).

Do I need a book bag and a binder?
We recommend all students have a binder, as it is a good way to organize all of your class papers and supplies in one place. You will most likely also want a backpack to carry your binder and any needed books to and from school. You cannot carry a backpack at Holman during the school day; it is just used to transport your items to and from school.

How do locker assignments work? Can I choose? Can I decorate?
Your locker will be assigned to you and it will be close to your advisory teacher's classroom. Lockers are assigned to individual students and should not be shared with friends since they are a secure place to safely store your belongings during the school day. Lockers are the property of Pattonville School District, and you should only store things in your locker that are allowed to be at school. You can decorate the inside of your locker to personalize it with things such as pictures, a mirror, or a memo board. It is also a good idea to hang a copy of your schedule inside of your locker at the beginning of the year.

Should I buy a key lock or a combination lock? What if I lose my key or forget my combination?
Yes, you should buy a lock and either type of lock is fine, choose whichever you prefer--just don't buy the extra big locks because they won't fit. The purpose of lockers is to securely store your belongings, so in order to ensure this you must keep a locked lock on your locker. In case you lose your key or forget your combination one day, your advisory teacher will give you the option to confidentially store your combination or an extra locker key with him or her.

What activities will we do? Will I get a grade?
You will participate in team sports such as soccer, football, and volleyball; fitness games and activities; and recreational activities such as badminton and washers. You will earn a grade in P.E. class that is mainly based on dressing out and participation.

Do I have to dress out for class? Where will I change clothes? Do I have to take a shower?
You do have to dress out for P.E. class each day. You will have a P.E. locker assigned in the gym locker room to store your gym clothes in. You will change clothes in the locker room which we understand is a change for you, but you will get used to this quickly. There are no showers in the Holman locker rooms, but do bring deodorant and/or body spray to freshen up before you head off to your next class. You could have P.E. during any period of the day.

What is the difference between Gym A and Gym B?
Holman has two gyms. One is inside the main building and is called Gym A; the other is a short walk outside and is called Gym B. When you receive your schedule, you will notice that your P.E. class will be in one of these gyms.

ELECTIVE CLASSES (Art, Music, etc.)
How often do I go to classes like art and music?
Which elective classes you have will vary from student to student, so you will have to check your schedule, but here is some general information. If you are in the "Elective Wheel", as many 6th graders are, this means you will attend an elective class daily, but you will rotate to a new class each grading period (every 6 weeks). So by the end of the year you will have sampled six different classes. The six classes for the year are: art, music, computers, family/consumer science (cooking/sewing), comparative cultures (learn a little about France, Spain & Germany), and industrial technology (building/making things). You may also have band, orchestra, choir or another specialized class that meets your needs.

How many classes will I have?
You will have 7 classes in your schedule. You have lunch during the day, but no more recess.

Are all 6th grade classes on the same floor?
No. Your team classes (math, science, social studies, communication arts) will all be in the same area, but other classes such as elective classes and P.E. will be in other parts of the building.

Will I have time to use restroom or go to my locker between classes? What if I am late for class?
You will have a passing period between classes giving you reasonable time to get where you need to be. If your next class is close by, you will have time to use the restroom, grab a drink, or go to your locker, but if your next class is far away you may not have time. Therefore, you will figure out over the first couple of weeks of school how to plan your day--you will plan your locker, restroom, and drink breaks when you know you have time. You will also have passes from your team teachers in case of emergency, so you can leave class if you need to go to the restroom or your locker. If you are late to class.... The first week of school, being tardy (late) to class will certainly be understood as you are learning your way, and there will not be any consequences. But normally during the year, you will get a warning on your first few tardies, and then you can receive lunch or after-school detentions if you continue to be tardy to class.

What is the average amount of homework you get each day?
This, of course, varies from day to day and from class to class, but.... You should expect to have homework nightly and to spend anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours completing it. If there is a night when you do not have homework, we encourage you to still spend some study time to look over notes from class, organize/clean-up your binder, and read your library book to keep you in the routine of "homework time".

Will we have the same teacher more than once a day?
Most likely, yes you will. For example your advisory teacher may also be your math teacher. Or your science teacher may also be your academic lab teacher.

Do we have team names? Do we get to choose our team? How many teams are there? How many people are on a team?
In middle school, students are organized into teams. You will be assigned to a team, which you will see when you receive your schedule in August. The teams do have names for example, this year in 6th grade there are three teams: East Scholars, South Sharks & North Stars. These teams may change for next year. There can be about 80 people on a team depending on how many teachers. Your class sizes will be similar to 5th grade--around 20-25 students per core class.

When will I get my schedule and see who my teachers are?
Schedule pick-up is at Holman the first week of August (watch for your summer mailing for details of specific date & time). Your schedule will list your classes, teachers, and classroom numbers.

Can I tour the building? If so, when?
Yes, when you come to pick up your schedule you can tour the building then on your own.

What clothes can I wear or can't I wear at Holman?
Overall, what is appropriate to wear in 6th grade is probably a lot like what was appropriate to wear in 5th grade, but here are some specifics straight from the Holman Behavior Guide. You should wear clothes that are appropriate and won't distract from the instructional process of school. Clothes must be clean and safe, and shoes must be worn at all times. You shouldn't wear anything that is revealing (examples: torn/ripped, strapless, bare backs). You shouldn't wear anything that has profane or suggestive messages or pictures of illegal substances or alcoholic beverages. Pants shouldn't be sagging below the waist. A few other things that are not appropriate to wear during the school day are: hats, hoods, sunglasses, chains used with wallets or keys (or as belt or decoration), and shoes with wheels in them.

I heard we have to have IDs at Holman, do we and if so, why?
Yes, students have Identification Badges at Holman. The primary purpose of these is of course to identify who you are and that you are supposed to be in the building. All staff wear IDs also. This is for security reasons so it is easy to know if someone doesn't belong in the building. But, in addition, you also use your ID to access your lunch account in the cafeteria and to check out books in the Holman Library.

Can I bring my cell phone to school? Can I bring electronic games such as Nintendo DS or my iPod?
During the school day, students are not allowed to use radios, headphones, MP3/iPod players, cell phones, electronic games or other toys in any area of school including classrooms, hallways, and stairwells. Cell phones are not 'banned' from school, but they may not be used at any time during the school day. Any cell phone that is visible or heard will be confiscated and turned in to the grade-level principal and may require parent pick up.

When do clubs meet at Holman?
Clubs meet after school from 3-4 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Holman. There are activity buses to take you home at 4:00.

What types of clubs are offered?
There is a variety of clubs and activities offered and this can vary from year to year.Click HERE for more information on clubs offered. If you have an idea for a club that Holman doesn't offer, you can even try to find a teacher-sponsor to start a new club with you.

Do I have to have certain grades to participate in clubs?
Generally no, but this can vary from club to club and is up to the sponsor.

Is there after-school tutoring offered?
Holman offers an after-school Homework Club throughout the year. You can sign-up to stay as needed, and then you will work with a teacher from 3-4 P.M. after-school in a small-group setting. The teacher can help you with homework you have that day or can help you work on a particular skill you might be struggling with--you will just let them know what it is you would like help with anytime you stay.

Will we go on field trips? Where? When?
This varies from year to year and from class to class, but you will go on some field trips. Some field trips 6th graders have taken in the past for example are: St. Louis Zoo, Meramec Caverns, and various plays and musical productions.

Is there D.A.R.E. at Holman?
No, D.A.R.E. is only in 5th grade, but Holman does have a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) at our school who is a Bridgeton Police Officer. The officer is available to support students and help out when students have questions, needs or concerns about school or their community. Of course the officer also helps ensure our safety at school.

What are detentions like at Holman?
After-school detentions are obviously used as a consequence for inappropriate school behavior. Depending on the behavior, the level of detention varies. Teachers supervise detentions, and during any detention time you are expected to work quietly.

What kinds of detentions are there at Holman?
The first type of detention is a "1-hour" held after school from 3-4 P.M. (You can ride the activity bus home from this detention.) This detention is assigned by a teacher for behaviors such as: excessive tardies, repeatedly not having needed supplies in class, or talking in class.

The next type of detention is a "2-hour" held after school from 3-5 P.M. (You must have a parent/guardian pick you up from this detention.) This detention is assigned by a principal and is for more serious behaviors such as: disrespect or skipping a 1-hour detention.

The third type of detention is a "4-hour" held on Saturdays from 8 A.M.- 12:00 P.M. (You must have a parent/guardian provide transportation to and from this detention.) This detention is assigned by a principal for more serious offenses such as: repeated violations or skipping a 2-hour detention.

Do 6th graders ever get in fights? What happens if they do?
Fights can happen but do not happen very often at Holman. Fighting is not tolerated and is handled in a serious manner. Any time a fight occurs, our School Resource Office (SRO), a Bridgeton Police Officer, will become involved along with Holman administration. Consequences for fighting generally include a school consequence, such as in-or out-of-school suspension as determined appropriate by the administration.

Does bullying happen often at Holman? Do older kids (7th & 8th graders) pick on 6th graders since we are new?
Bullying is a serious offense that is not tolerated at Holman. When or if it does occur, staff will work with all students involved to end the behavior and find a resolution. Incoming 6th graders sometimes hear stories of being picked on because you are new, and while some joking may occur, this is not actually a big problem at all. Most of the time the three grade levels (6th, 7th, & 8th) are in separate areas of the building near their teams and their lockers. During some passing periods, students from all three grades may cross paths, but you will not be in classes with students that aren't in 6th grade. But, again, anytime you feel bullied or witness bullying, please report it to an adult so the situation can be quickly resolved.