What is WEB?  WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs.  It is a transition program to help 6th graders connect with their new school all year long.

What are WEB leaders?  WEB leaders will be 8th graders who have been selected to serve as mentors for a group of new 6th graders for next school year. 

What qualities are needed to be WEB leaders?
·      Strong communication skills
·      Willingness to lead others
·      Responsible enough to manage a group
·      Accountable to show up throughout all phases of the program during this year
·      Willing to take risks – go big! 
·      Interest in the program & helping 6th graders belong
·      Positive role model
·      Dedicated
·      Self-confident and self-directed
·      Has respect for diverse ideas and personalities
·      Enthusiastic, ready to have fun!

What are the responsibilities of WEB leaders?  Leaders will be trained to work with the incoming 6th graders and other new students to Holman.  After extensive training , the WEB leaders will help run our 6th grade orientation activities when school starts in August.  At this orientation, two WEB leaders will be given a small group of 6th graders to work with that day and will be asked to befriend and to help that group during the school year. 
Additionally, WEB leaders will be asked to meet with their student groups to touch base, discuss problems, and plan social activities.  Some of this contact may be through phone calls home, during advisory time, or after school (3-4 p.m., dances, etc.)
We know that the more contact a 6th grader has with their WEB leader, the more successful the 6th grader will be.  Schools using this program have also seen increased academic achievement and more positive citizenship in their 8th graders as well!

How do WEB leaders get selected?  Potential WEB leaders must complete an application.  The application has several required sections in addition to a required parent signature.  Applicants must be able to commit to attending the key dates for training and the actual orientation day. 
Holman’s WEB Faculty Council will review all applications and select WEB Leaders each spring.

The WEB Program is sponsored in part by:

Little Caesars Pizza
on Page Blvd. in Overland.

The Holman P.T.A

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