Board notes from the July 28 meeting

Read about actions taken at the July 28 school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.


Board Actions

The board of education on July 28:

  • Approved committee assignments and school liaison assignments for board members for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • Reviewed an update from Pattonville administrators on planning and preparations for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • Approved paying $1,766,411.52 in regular bills;
  • Approved, subject to audit, the financial statements for the month of June 2020;
  • Approved purchases made on the district’s purchasing cards in the amount of $740,980.77, which earned the district a rebate of 1% (or $7,409.77);
  • Declared a list of items as surplus to be sold on the district’s GovDeals website;
  • Approved contract adjustments for bond issue projects in amount of $120,202.81;
  • Approved Areas of Emphasis for the 2020-2021 school year;
  • Approved paying $9,000 to Diligent for BoardDocs Pro services for the period of Aug. 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021;
  • Approved paying $2,466 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan and Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Approved paying $35,213.54 to renew the PowerSchool maintenance and support services agreement with PowerSchool;
  • Approved the emergency repair of a 1600-amp, 3-volt electrical switch gear provided by TSI Global for $40,701;
  • Approved paying $14,217.50 to renew the ELL instruction and management system agreement with Ellevation LLC;
  • Approved paying $11,483.64 to renew the SchoolMessenger agreement with Intrado Interactive Services;
  • Awarded the bid for classroom sanitizing wipes to Dutch Hollow for $250,000; and
  • Awarded the bid for alarm monitoring services to Interface Security for $51,313.92.


New Hires

  • Sammie Bezzole, physical education/health teacher, Pattonville Heights
  • Lindsay Diesing, orchestra teacher, Pattonville Heights and Remington
  • Jimmie Dixon, custodian, high school
  • Same Early, instructional technology teacher, Pattonville Heights
  • Nicholas Fenstermaker, mechanic, transportation
  • Wonder Gray-Clay, bus driver, transportation
  • Lauren Jones, paraprofessional, Parkwood
  • Linda Mitchell, bus driver, transportation
  • Michael Nielsen, science teacher, high school
  • Kristin Riggs, paraprofessional, Rose Acres
  • Precious Robertson, in-school suspension supervisor, Pattonville Heights
  • Lydia Smotherman, user support specialist, high school
  • Giesel Thomas, bus driver, transportation
  • Holly Wurm, vocal music teacher, Bridgeway, Parkwood and Willow Brook



  • Beverly Conner, bus driver, transportation, effective July 31 after serving Pattonville for 23 years
  • Sandra Cortner, food service, high school, effective July 31 after serving Pattonville for 26 years
  • Donna Darby, food service, high school, effective July 7 after serving Pattonville for 30 years
  • Terry Renner, bus driver, effective July 29, after serving Pattonville for 23 years

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