Pattonville launches wellness website for mental health supports

Pattonville’s counseling staff created a website dedicated to mental health and wellness to provide resources and support students, staff and family members through the stress and anxiety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We know a healthy mind and body influences your stress levels and your ability to deal with stress,” said Michael Boulanger, counselor for the Positive School and alternative programs at Pattonville High School. Boulanger created the website with input and suggestions from other counselors in the district.

The Pattonville Wellness Center website serves as a resource of virtual toolkits, community supports and strategies to help with stress management, relaxation, mindfulness, exercise and more. The site also includes online and downloadable resources as well as school counseling contacts.

Boulanger said he was inspired by the calming corners used in schools to help students self-regulate their emotions and behaviors while keeping them in the classroom.

“Students can access those locations if they’re feeling anxious, nervous or upset,” he said, explaining that he wanted to provide the same resources online to be used whether a student is an in-person or virtual learner. He took that idea and expanded it to address overall wellness, including ways to deal with stress and make healthy life choices. The resources are useful for both students and adults and are available to anyone 24/7. 

“We hope to see it grow and become as expansive as possible,” Boulanger said. 

For more information, visit the website here.

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